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Saint Basil Academy’s Clubs and Organizations 2014- 2015

The American Sign Language Club
MODERATOR – Mrs. Linda Smith
The American Sign Language (ASL) club is open to anyone in the SBA community who is interested in learning American Sign Language. It teaches basic ASL and introduces the Deaf culture to the members. The club also has access to certified interpreters for the deaf.

The Basilianette
MODERATORS – Mrs. Emily Kleinle and Ms. Kimberly O’Brien
The purpose of the Basilianette, the school yearbook, is to record and prepare for publication an annual history of all facets of life at Saint Basil Academy. The staff meets several afternoons each week after school to plan and to prepare the yearbook using software provided by the publishing company. Membership is open to any Senior, Junior or Sophomore who indicates an interest in this project.

The Basilian Pillar
MODERATOR – Mrs. Gail Sutton
The Basilian Pillar, the Basilian Express and the Basilian Pillar Magazine are periodicals produced by the Saint Basil Academy Journalism class. The purpose of the class and the organization is to give student journalists an opportunity to explore various methods of researching, writing and editing news stories. The class meets several times week and the editors of the publications meet daily. Editors focus their attention on editing student writing and learning the desktop publishing skills necessary to produce the publications.

Be The Change! Club
MODERATORS – Ms. Lois Splendor and Mrs. Carol Abel
The purpose of the Be The Change! Club is to build unity within the student body; to create more opportunities for students to “leave it better than we found it” as our school motto suggests. The club will strive to model for all students that they must take personal responsibility for themselves and their world; be committed to spreading the Gospel through charitable works; have a greater realization that everything we do, both privately and publicly, impacts our SBA sisters, our society and our world in some way. The club will also strive to maintain an attitude of gratitude and support for the entire school community, and provide a weekly forum for students to share personal issues and concerns with fellow students in a confidential and supportive atmosphere.

Book Club
MODERATOR – Mrs. Philippe Gallagher
The purpose of the Book Club is to promote literary awareness, hold book discussions, and other book-related activities. An extension of the Book Club is also the Reading Olympics. The Book Club provides an excellent opportunity for students who enjoy reading books to exchange ideas and opinions on selected works. It also serves as a useful discipline to encourage the reading of books from all genres. Meetings are held every other month in the library.

Drama Club
MODERATOR – Mrs. Theresa Dillinger
The purpose of the Drama Club is to promote, encourage and teach all aspects of theater arts. The Drama Club teaches its members the various responsibilities both on and off stage through hands-on experience. Members learn to work as team-players while preparing for successful theatrical productions, and gain an appreciation of the importance of stage and property management. Performances include One-Act Plays in the Fall, a Musical and the Spring Show.

Fashion Club
MODERATOR – Mrs. Kimberly Fina
The Fashion Club of Saint Basil Academy works to unite with fellow students on the basis of love for every aspect of the fashion industry. The Fashion Club also conducts various fundraisers and clothing drives for local charities such as Women's Center of Montgomery County and Catholic Social Services.

Forensics Club
MODERATOR – Mrs. Emily Kleinle
The purpose of the Forensics Club is to introduce the basic concepts of Competitive Speech and to promote an understanding and awareness of interpretation. The Saint Basil Academy Forensics Club concentrates on the following areas: Policy Debate, Extemporaneous Speaking, Duo Interpretation of Literature, Oral Interpretation of Prose and Poetry, Oral Interpretation of Dramatic Literature, and Declamation. The Saint Basil's Forensics Club successfully competes in the Philadelphia Catholic Forensics League as well as in the National Catholic Forensics League.

Healthy Lifestyles Club (The Roadrunners)
MODERATORS: Ms. Kimberley O’Brien, Mrs. Jean Castellano and Mrs. Kathy Bieker
The healthy lifestyle club is open to any student or faculty member looking to promote individual and community awareness regarding healthy living. In facilitating activities that empower women (i.e. self defense and CPR training), promote exercise, and encourage healthy eating habits, this club desires to create a community atmosphere in which health, well-being, and self confidence are top priorities. Besides in-school developments, this club hopes to bridge Saint Basil Academy and the community by supporting charities through various activity-based events (i.e. 5k runs, charitable walks, community events, zumba, etc.).

History Club
MODERATORS – Mrs. Jean Castellano and Mrs. Jacklyn Kazimir
History Club gives the students the opportunity to explore history more in depth and bring it to life with field trips, and other interesting activities.

The Laureate
MODERATOR – Dr. Eileen Schweyer
The purpose of the Laureate is to share the creative voices of Saint Basil Academy's writers, poets and artists with the student body. The creative writing class collects prose, poetry, art and photography throughout the school year, and in the Spring-time a finished product is edited, published and distributed to all students and faculty. Any student can submit creative work, and editors come from the sophomore, junior and senior classes.

Mock Trial
MODERATOR – Mrs. Christine Meko
Mock Trial is an affiliate of the Young Lawyers Division of the Philadelphia County Bar Association. Students are introduced to the legal system and practice various courtroom trial roles while learning courtroom procedures and aspects of the law(s) on state, city, and federal levels. Preparation takes from October to February. In mid-February, the case is argued in courtroom before a judge and jury.

Pastry Arts Club
MODERATOR – Mrs. Linda Strenger
The purpose of the Pastry Arts Club is to provide students with the opportunity to explore pastry art techniques (beginners welcome!). The students will be able to use these skills at home, at school, and in future endeavors. The Pastry Arts Club strives to create fun activities that involve new ideas in the art of baking and cake decorating. Activities include trips to bakeries and culinary schools to gain first- hand experience on how to run this type of business; attending pastry making workshops; baking and decorating cakes for the school's Craft Show, Pawction, and book fairs; selling cupcakes and cookies to raise funds; leading decorating workshops for children; and sponsoring cake decorating competitions.

SBA Cares
MODERATOR – Mrs. Theresa Hartey
SBA Cares is a unified community service organization, offering a multitude of opportunities for SBA students. Last year students worked with a variety of groups, including: The Ronald McDonald House, The Breathing Room Foundation, Habitat for Humanity, Wreaths Across America, Toys for Tots, and St. Martin de Pores. Through these projects, our girls have reaped intrinsic rewards and gained invaluable awareness; all the service organizations have been impressed with the kindness and diligence of our SBA students.
This year our goal is to have at least one major service initiative per month, certain ongoing projects, and a school wide day of service on Community Day. We will expand our number of projects and welcome all students and faculty/staff members to participate. Together we will work side by side to reach a common goal and share our time and talent with those in need.

SBA Science Olympiad
MODERATOR – Mrs. Sookyung Chang
The purpose of the Science Olympiad is to enrich SBA’s science curriculum and promote/nurture collaborative scientific endeavors by SBA students beyond the classrooms/campus. Its goal is SBA’s Participation in Science Olympiad Southeastern PA Regional Competitions in March, 2015.

Science Club
MODERATOR – Mrs. Gloria Kenny
The purpose of the Science Club is to provide enrichment for students in all areas of science content. To enhance science academic content with labs, activities, speakers and trips. To enable young women who have scientific aptitude and appreciation to express ideas in various media including science competitions. To provide opportunities for social gatherings for like-minded peers. To practice fiscal responsibility by allocating funds for science endeavors. To maintain teamwork while creating a vibrant club environment. To provide service to the community.

Student Council
MODERATOR – Mrs. Jennifer Clemente
The Student Council is an integral part of student life at Saint Basil Academy. The responsibilities of the Student Council include the following: to maintain open channels of communication among members of the Saint Basil Community, to assist in the management of the school, to provide a forum for student expression, and to initiate and direct school activities. Freshman Orientation, the Halloween Pageant, the Autumn Classic, and the Annual Picnic are just a few of the events sponsored by the Student Council.

Ukrainian Society
MODERATOR – Mrs. Alexandra Penkalskyj
The Ukrainian Society has evolved from the Saint Basil Academy Ukrainian Club into an organization that promotes and supports the elements of the Ukrainian culture, history, traditions, and Ukrainian Byzantine Rite in which Saint Basil Academy has its roots. This society will be comprised not only of SBA student membership, but also SBA alumnae, faculty/administration, parents, and community.

The Writing Center
MODERATOR – Mrs. Christine Meko
The purpose of the Saint Basil Academy Writing Center is to offer all students the chance to: increase student learning by writing to learn (in all disciplines); increase student learning by writing to communicate (in all disciplines); increase critical thinking skills (in all disciplines); provide peer editing from student staff (supervised by faculty in all disciplines); provide students with more opportunities to write (essay contests); and to provide Peer Editors with ongoing workshops and speakers on the use of a writing center and how to facilitate student writing (classroom writing, homework, papers, and assessments).

Youth Ministry
MODERATOR – Sister Germaine Senita, OSBM
Youth Ministry is a unique, totally service-oriented organization at Saint Basil Academy. Its purpose is to provide a way for students to get involved in their community and lend a helping hand to People in Need (“PIN”). This organization is open to anyone who wants to participate in any of the activities offered. Board members direct prayer services, sandwich days, collections for the homeless, Fast for Hunger, Friendship Day and Pro-Life activities, just to name a few. All faculty and students are encouraged to participate in these service-oriented activities so as to make a small difference in the lives of those in need.

He who sows courtesy reaps friendship, and he who plants kindness gathers love.”
~ Saint Basil the Great


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Belief Statement #4

We believe in providing an appreciation of our Ukrainian heritage while fostering an openness to human and ethnic diversity.

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Be The Change! Club
MODERATORS – Ms. Lois Splendor and Mrs. Carol Abel