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Parents: 01.15

Report cards for Q2/Semester 1 will be available online on Tuesday, January 26.

Students: 01.15

School will be closed for all on Monday, January 18th.

Parents: 01.15

Any student who has enrolled in an AP course at SBA will be required to take the AP test in May. The cost of each exam is $95.00 and will be due on January 31, 2021

Parents: 12.15

Wednesday 12/16 will be a synchronous meet with 9-10th students and Thursday 12/17 will be a synchronous meet with 11-12th students. Assignments will be posted for each of the classes on alternate days.

We believe in offering a well-rounded curriculum, which utilizes modern technology so that students may meet the challenges of a global community with a solid educational foundation and self-confidence.