Madison Comey, Horticulture student


On Nov. 12th, twenty-one Saint Basil Academy students planted young trees on the grounds of Manor College. Prior to the planting students were trained by Alex Cooper of Tookany/Tacony-Frankfort Watershed Partnership. Despite the light sprinkle of rain, students from music, biology and horticulture spent one or two block periods planting 44 young, native trees and protecting them from the deer. This group was composed of all grades at SBA. Mrs. Kenny, a biology teacher and Ms. Chang, the chemistry and horticulture teacher at Saint Basil also had a great time outdoors.

Because it had been raining overnight, the ground was easier for digging and the trees did not require additional water once in the ground. The protective gloves got really dirty and muddy, and many shoes and socks got wet, but everyone was happy to take care of the neighborhood and Tookany/Tacony-Frankfort Watershed. In order to protect the new trees from the area deer population, temporary fences were created using tall wooden stakes and plastic netting. Eventually these trees will have an important role of reducing the storm runoff water from Manor College into the Watershed.

The following week, SBA Senior Madison Comey, and her teacher spent 3 more class periods planting the rest of trees. As they returned to the area each day, they noticed right away how the birds were enjoying the new structures. Little birds were visiting different fences and perching themselves briefly on the plastic nettings. The new trees were already attracting all kinds of life in their new home.