Reviewing highlights of 2015-16’s Broadcast Journalism class involves a lot of good moments, but some of the most memorable include student participation in a special KYW News Studies program. This program, which runs over the course of four Saturdays, offers two students the opportunity to experience what life is really like at the radio station, especially in the station’s newsroom. This past Fall, SBA seniors Jacklyn Matkowski and Riley Weldon were chosen to participate; each created a podcast that was broadcast on the KYW radio station.

(Click each student’s name to hear their recordings)

Jackie chose to review her neighborhood’s Fall festival run by her local Philadelphia Fire Station. She interviewed a firefighter and a mother who attended the event, editing background music from the event into the news feature. Jackie reports, “The creation process included a session in a professional recording studio, where a broadcast editor worked with me to ensure the story matched my vision. It was fascinating to be a part of the process, overseeing how the script, location interviews and narration, to created a polished report.”

Riley decided to cover the school’s BYOD ( Bring Your Own Device ) program that began this year, because it was a big step into a more modern learning approach.   Riley states, “The best part of actually doing the project was when we recorded it, because we were able to go into a professional recording booth, record our segment, and edit it all right there in the booth in one sitting. Being a part of the program was an amazing experience, as was being able to represent my school.”