HOBY Competition


HOBY Leadership Competition for Sophomores

Every year, we select one SBA sophomore ambassador to attend the Hugh O’Brian Youth State Leadership Seminar, a three-day experience (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) which be held this 2017 year June 23 through June 25 at Villanova University.  All expenses will be paid by SBA.

Students attending the HOBY seminar will have the opportunity to cultivate their leadership skills and engage with like-minded students from across the state.  The experience empowers students to become change leaders in their community and equips them with the confidence and skills to lead others.

All sophomores are eligible to apply.  Applications will be distributed in English class on November 4 and are available on the SBA website.  The due date is November 16 and is to be submitted to Mrs. Corrick in the Counseling Services Department.  A selection committee will choose one student ambassador to represent our school based on her demonstrated past leadership, desire to help others and her community, and ability to communicate her knowledge to her peers.

For more information about this great opportunity, see www.HOBY.org.