At A Glance


We, the Saint Basil Academy community, commit ourselves to the education and development of the whole person emotionally, intellectually, physically, spiritually, and socially.

  • We believe in providing an atmosphere that promotes and sustains spiritual growth rich in the Gospel values of Jesus Christ.
  • We believe in fostering an appreciation for the richness and diversity of the Catholic Church through liturgical celebration and through studies of the Byzantine Catholic Church.
  • We believe in encouraging an appreciation of our Ukrainian heritage while fostering acceptance and understanding of human and ethnic diversity.
  • We believe in challenging students to create and adhere to personal moral values, based on Christian teaching, which deepen an understanding of Christ and enable their call to faith in Him.
  • We believe in a well-rounded curriculum, which utilizes modern technology that will help students to meet the challenges of today’s world by providing a solid educational foundation and promoting self-confidence.
  • We believe in encouraging students to develop an aesthetic appreciation for the arts, music, and nature, thus enabling them to develop their innate and God-given talents.
  • We believe in charging students with the responsibilities of protecting and caring for the environment.
  • We believe in providing students with opportunities to develop critical thinking skills and intellectual independence.
  • We believe in providing students with a diverse foundation of experiences that will help them make successful choices as they pursue higher education and embark on their life careers.
  • We believe in the importance of providing opportunities for students to give back to their communities through service.
  • We believe in the importance of creating a warm, family-like community that embraces students, faculty, administration, staff, parents, and alumnae.
  • We believe in encouraging respect and appreciation of individual differences among students, whether this applies to their academic abilities or their cultural, ethnic, or religious backgrounds.
  • We believe in developing leadership potential and in energizing school spirit through curricular and co-curricular activities and also believe this a mission best accomplished with the mutual support of the administration, faculty, staff, students, parents, and alumnae.
  • We believe in creating an awareness of appropriate forms of recreation for the development of mind, body, and spirit.




  Saint Basil Academy is accredited by the Middle States Education Association.  Current accreditation is valid through May 2022.

We believe in providing students with a background of experiences in order to make successful choices in their later school and life careers.