Mission Statement

Saint Basil Academy is a college preparatory school for young women, founded by the Sisters of the Order of Saint Basil the Great, and rooted in the Ukrainian Byzantine Tradition of the Catholic Church.
We are dedicated to creating an environment nourished by the Gospel values of Jesus Christ in which young women can develop to the fullness of their Christian potential.
Through academic excellence, we educate the whole person by integrating faith and life.
We awaken our students to the inherent beauty of God’s creation, and empower them to become the spiritual and visionary leaders who will enlighten and transform our global society.

Admission standards provide enrollment opportunities for students of varied ethnic and religious backgrounds, which help provide a unique growing experience. Saint Basil Academy is proud to offer its young women a vision of themselves, their world and the conviction that they can and do make a difference.

Our Beliefs

We, the Saint Basil Academy Community, commit ourselves to the education and development of the whole person spiritually, physically, intellectually, emotionally and socially, while striving toward the following goals.

We believe in….

  • Creating an atmosphere for spiritual growth rich in the Gospel values of Jesus Christ, thereby challenging students to form personal moral values based on Christian teaching.
  • Fostering an appreciation for the richness and diversity of the Catholic Church through liturgical celebration and studies of The Byzantine Catholic Church.
  • Offering a rigorous curriculum that emphasizes 21st century skills, so that students embrace the challenges of an evolving global community.
  • Challenging students to develop critical thinking skills and intellectual independence.
  • Inspiring students to appreciate the visual and performing arts, thereby developing their innate talents and God-given need for expression and experience.
  • Providing opportunities for students to contribute their God-given talents through service to their communities.
  • Encouraging an appreciation of our Ukrainian heritage, while fostering an openness to all human and ethnic diversity.
  • Proclaiming that the heart of our school is a family-like community which connects students, faculty, administration, staff,  parents, alumnae and guests.
  • Developing leadership potential through curricular/co-curricular activities with the mutual support of the administration, faculty, staff, students, parents and alumnae.
  • Calling students to accept their responsibilities of protecting and caring for the environment.

Profile of Graduates

Educate the Girl…

To think critically, creatively, and effectively to adapt to a changing world

To act responsibly, according to Catholic Beliefs

Empower the Woman…

To be a leader who acts with integrity, commitment, and respect

To embrace Gospel values throughout her life

To demonstrate empathy and compassion for all

Enlighten the World…

With a willingness to share her knowledge and experience with future generations with a global sense of ethical responsibility and accountability with her self-confidence, authenticity, and Catholic faith

We believe in encouraging students to develop an appreciation of the aesthetic — the arts, music, and nature – thereby developing their innate and God-given talents.