There are many wonderful things happening at Saint Basil Academy. Our student body is made up of a distinguished group of young women who seek academic excellence and a variety of extracurricular activities at a school they can call home.

We, at the Academy, are often asked questions from friends, alumnae, and even strangers, regarding registration and enrollment. The “how many” question echoes around us not only in the fall, but also throughout the year.

The most important part, though, is not the number. It is a conversation that has happened throughout the past year regarding our “perfect” size. That discussion has centered on questions like: “What spirit do we want to engender at the Academy?” “What will be the best way to ensure the deep sense of sisterhood experienced by the girls is maintained and nourished?” “How can we make sure every family that entrusts their daughter to us knows their daughter is known more than just as a name on a roster, but as a unique young woman brimming with potential?” These questions have led us to a place where we have decided to be “small by choice.” A perfectly sized class will be 75 students and a school size of about 300 students.

Families looking for a school that is “small by choice” will find in us an academy that: nurtures the individual gifts and talents of the girls; gives every young woman a chance to be a leader; an academic program that is individualized and personalized, overflowing with rigor and inspiration; teachers who care on an individual level about the progress of their students.

Saint Basil Academy has a hallmark of sisterhood. We will treasure our generations of Basil sisters and our long and impressive history and tradition. The future is bright and wonderful for the young women who will continue to look for quality of education and the nurturing environment we provide at SBA.

We believe in encouraging an appreciation of our Ukrainian heritage while fostering openness to human and ethnic diversity.