Course Name Faculty ID
Honors Algebra I Mrs. Rita Talley MH14
Algebra I Mrs. Eleanore Schmitt MM14
Honors Algebra II Mrs. Eleanore Schmitt MH54
Algebra II Mrs. Theresa Hartey MM54
Honors Pre-Calculus/Trigonometry Mr. Jason Zegestowsky MC54
Pre-Calculus/Trigonometry Mr. Jason Zegestowsky MP54
Pre-Calculus/Trigonometry Mrs. Eleanore Schmitt MP54
Advanced Placement (AP) Calculus Mr. Jason Zegestowsky MA74
Probability, Statistics, and Other Topics Mr. Jason Zegestowsky MS54
SAT/ACT Preparation Mrs. Theresa Hartey MA52


Course Name Faculty ID
Honors Biology Mrs. Gloria Kenny SH34
Biology Mrs. Gloria Kenny SB34
Human Anatomy Mrs. Gloria Kenny SA52
Biology Mrs. Taryn Zayas SB34
AP Biology Mrs. Gloria Kenny SA74
Honors Biology Mrs. Taryn Zayas SH34
Chemistry Mrs. Sookyung Chang SC54
Honors Chemistry Mrs. Sookyung Chang SH54
AP Chemistry Mrs. Sookyung Chang SA56
Cell Biology and Cancer Mrs. Gloria Kenny SB52
AP Environmental Science Mrs. Sookyung Chang SN54
Health Mrs. Taryn Zayas PH31
General Physics Mrs. Rita Talley SP74
Honors Physics Mrs. Rita Talley SH74
Physical Education Mrs. Taryn Zayas PP11 (1.0 credit)

Social Studies

Course Name Faculty ID
World History Ms. Jacklyn Kazimir HW14
Honors World History Ms. Jacklyn Kazimir HH14
United States Government/Economics Ms. Jean Castellano HU76
United States History Mrs. Kimberly Fina HU54
Advanced Placement (AP) U.S. History Mrs. Kimberly Fina HA54
Culture, Race, and Ethnicity in America Ms. Jacklyn Kazimir HR32
History in Film Ms. Jean Castellano HF52
Psychology Mrs. Kimberly Fina HP52
Sociology Mrs. Kimberly Fina HS52


Course Name Faculty ID
Theology I Ms. Jenna Violi RC14
Theology II Mrs. Theresa Stanton RJ34
Theology II Ms. Jenna Violi RJ34
Theology III Mrs. Theresa Stanton RC54
Theology IV Sr. Rita Stremba RSR4
Introduction to Philosophy Mr. Thomas Verni RP74

Visual & Performing Arts

Course Name Faculty ID
Art Appreciation Sister Susanne Matwiyiw FA32
Art for the Non-Artist Sister Susanne Matwiyiw FN14
Art I Sister Susanne Matwiyiw FA54
Art II Sister Susanne Matwiyiw FA74
Music in Our Lives Mr. Thomas Meany FO52
History of Popular Music Mr. Thomas Meany FH32
Piano Class for Non-Pianists Mrs. Alexandra Penkalskyj FP31
Elementary Piano Class Mrs. Alexandra Penkalskyj FP32
Guitar I Mrs. Alexandra Penkalskyj FG11
Band Mr. Alex Schmauk FB12
String Ensemble Mrs. Joanne Bates FS12
Concert Choir Sister Germaine Senita, OSBM FC32
Madrigals Sister Germaine Senita, OSBM FM32
Music Theory I Mr. Thomas Meany FM52
Handbell Ensemble Mr. Thomas Meany FH11
Master Class Mr. Thomas Meany FS52
Chamber Ensemble Mr. Thomas Meany FS62
Music Theory Mr. Thomas Meany FM53
Piano Class for Non-Pianists Mrs. Alexandra Penkalskyj FP33
Keyboard Theory I Mrs. Alexandra Penkalskyj FP34

World Languages

Course Name Faculty ID
French I Ms. Jacklyn Kazimir LF14
French II Ms. Jacklyn Kazimir LF34
Latin I Mr. Thomas Verni LL14
Latin II Mr. Thomas Verni LL34
Latin III Mr. Thomas Verni LL54
Latin IV Mr. Thomas Verni LL74
Spanish I Ms. Jennifer Clemente LS14
Spanish II Ms. Jennifer Clemente LS34
Spanish III Sister Carla Hernández LS54
Honors Spanish III Ms. Jennifer Clemente LP54
Spanish IV Sister Carla Hernández LP74
Honors Spanish IV Sister Carla Hernández LH64
Ukrainian I Sister Susanne Matwiyiw LU14
Ukrainian II Sister Susanne Matwiyiw LU34
Ukrainian III Sister Susanne Matwiyiw LU54
Ukrainian IV Sister Susanne Matwiyiw LU74
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