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Academic Departments


The SBA English curriculum strengthens students’ ability to read independently and to communicate effectively both in speaking and listening.

Social Studies

The social studies curriculum enables students to read, understand, and apply the principles and documents of American government.

World Languages

Through the World Languages curriculum, students practice pronunciation, reading aloud, recitation, listening, and expanding vocabulary in the language.


The mathematics curriculum covers numbers, number systems and number relationships; computation and estimation; measurement and estimation.


The religious studies curriculum focuses on strengthening our students’ knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ, on encountering Him in the Sacraments, and on participating in the life of the Church.


Through lecture and hands-on laboratory experiences, the science curriculum includes the study of biological sciences.

Visual and Performing Arts

The SBA art & music curriculum focuses on exploring and understanding the elements and principles of the medium as well as technique.

We believe in providing students with a background of experiences in order to make successful choices in their later school and life careers.