Honor Codes

As a community of learners committed to Christian values, we recognize that it is vital to respect other people’s property, whether it is material or intellectual. Plagiarism in any form is not tolerated. All students are expected to sign and adhere to the Student Handbook expectations, Academic Integrity Policy, and the Honor Code.

Grant us, O Lord, Thy strength and protection; make the evil good and preserve the just in their righteousness.

—Saint Basil the Great

“A tree is known by its fruit; a man by his deeds. A good deed is never lost; he who
sows courtesy reaps friendship, and he who plants kindness gathers love.”

—Saint Basil the Great

Summary of Saint Basil Academy Mission Statement and Philosophy

At Saint Basil Academy, “we strive to educate the whole person by integrating faith while providing excellence in education.” Young women graduating from Saint Basil Academy are expected to develop Christian values “that will prepare them for leadership roles in today’s ever-changing, always challenging global society.” Working together, the administration, faculty, parents and students can create a community where attributes such as integrity and honesty are ingrained in all.

The Honor Pledge for Students

As a student of Saint Basil Academy, I accept that the Christian values, which the administration, faculty, staff and our parents endeavor to instill in us, are moral values, which we need to have as a basis for our whole lives.

Therefore, I promise I will live as a person of honor and integrity, and make every effort to be academically honest. I agree cheating in any form is wrong. I will never lie, cheat, or steal in any situation. I will, guided by my teachers, adhere to all rules set forth for assignments, projects, homework, tests and quizzes. I agree, when a teacher requests it, to write a personal pledge stating I have not received or given illicit aid on an exam, test, quiz, project or assignment.

I agree as a result of my honesty, all forms of assessment of my work will stand as a true test of earned recognition and grades.

Further, I promise to strive to have the integrity to recognize what is academically right and the courage to resist doing what is wrong, no matter what other students are doing.

The Honor Pledge for Teachers

As a teacher at Saint Basil Academy, I accept the responsibility for making it clear to students the guidelines and expectations for every form of assessment. I will teach my students how to cite a source for my class. I will put my expectations for the class into writing for the students. I will also stress the importance of honor and honesty in my class. I will review the Honor Code periodically with my students.

Should a student be found in violation of the Honor Code in any way, I will fulfill my obligation and report the incident to the Vice Principal/Dean of Students.

The Honor Pledge for Parents/Guardians

As a parent/guardian of a student (s) at Saint Basil Academy, I promise to support all aspects of the SBA Honor Code. I will continue to encourage my daughter (s) to strive for honesty and integrity in both academic and social situations while in attendance at Saint Basil Academy.

Expectations of the Members of the Saint Basil Academy Community

Responsibilities of the Administration

  • To adhere to and enforce all the policies set forth in the SBA Honor Code.
  • To distribute copies of the SBA Honor Code to the entire school community and to post throughout the school and on the SBA website.
  • To ensure the entire SBA school community understands the serious nature of the SBA Honor Code by educating the school community through various assemblies held throughout the school year.
  • To have the students, faculty and parents sign the SBA Honor Code.
  • To require the student body to repeat the Honor Code Pledge aloud and review the reasons for it and their obligations to it at the beginning of the school year.
  • To ensure a quarterly review of the SBA Honor Code is conducted with and by the SBA faculty and staff.

Responsibilities of the Faculty and Staff

  • To adhere to and enforce all the policies set forth in the SBA Honor Code.
  • To sign the Honor Pledge for Teachers.
  • To abide by the school policy on test administration as stated in the Faculty Handbook.
  • To personally and carefully monitor students who are taking tests and quizzes of their particular curriculum and those of other teachers.
  • To state very specifically the requirements for any form of assessment.
  • To guarantee the validity of all tests, several test forms for each subject must be used and varied from year to year.
  • To review the SBA Honor Code quarterly with all students, especially during homeroom.
  • To ensure the visibility of the SBA Honor Code in all learning areas.
  • To remind the students of the SBA Honor Code by having them write and sign an honor pledge on their work.
  • To protect the confidentiality of the students involved in the SBA Honor Code infractions.
  • To delay review of tests until ALL students have taken the test.

Responsibilities of the Parents/Guardians

  • To adhere to and enforce all the policies set forth in the SBA Honor Code.
  • To sign the Honor Pledge for Parents/Guardians.
  • To support penalties incurred as a result of violations of the SBA Honor Code.

Responsibilities of the Students

  • To adhere to and enforce all the policies set forth in the SBA Honor Code.
  • To sign the Honor Pledge for Students.
  • To comprehend the value of honesty and integrity in everything completed.
  • To avoid giving or receiving answers on any type of assessment or on any other type of work from current or previous years.
  • To determine what teacher expectations are for all assignments.
  • To have possession of any electronic device during an assessment will be considered cheating.

Violations of the Saint Basil Academy Honor Code

Infractions regarding cheating, plagiarism and personal dishonesty include, but are not limited to, the following:


  • No selling/sharing/copying/purchasing/profiting from any and/or all forms of assignments and/or assessments whether they are current or former assignments and/or assessments. This includes, but is not limited to homework, summer assignments, quizzes, tests, etc.
  • Turning in a project completed by someone else during the current or previous years.
  • Using notes of any kind during a test or quiz, unless the teacher has authorized an “open book” test.
  • Use of any on-line aids or tools when completing any type of assessment/assignment, unless specifically authorized by the teacher.
  • Use of any electronic communication device when completing an in-class assessment.
  • Giving and receiving answers from a test from the current or previous years.
  • Enabling another student to cheat in any way.


  • Downloading information and papers from the Internet or any other source and using it as one’s own (refer to the SBA Technology Agreement) work.
  • Failure to cite a source.
  • Using another student’s work as one’s own work.
  • Paraphrasing another’s work without giving credit to the source.

Personal Dishonesty

  • Lying
  • Forging signatures
  • Stealing
  • Destroying the property of the school or of another student, including electronic files.

Consequences of Infractions of the Saint Basil Academy Honor Code

The Administration reserves the right to deal with each infraction on an individual basis.

The faculty/staff member will report ALL incidents of academic and personal dishonesty to the Vice Principal/Dean of Students. An Academic Incident Report MUST be completed and turned in to the Vice Principal/Dean of Students for any and all Academic and Personal Dishonesty Violations.

  • If a student is determined to be cheating on any type of assignment and/or assessment, the teacher may adjust the grade according to the severity of the violation. The grade could be lowered to an “F”.
  • After any reported violation, the Vice Principal/Dean of Students reserves the right to arrange a meeting which will include herself, the teacher involved, the student, and her parents.
  • In accordance with the severity and/or frequency of the violation, the consequences may lead to suspension and/or expulsion.

We believe in providing an atmosphere for spiritual growth rich in the Gospel values of Jesus Christ.