Anna Heigh

Class of 2010

Anna was awarded the University of the Arts’ President Scholarship and has recently graduated, pursuing a career in Illustration. She is prominent in the local Art scene. She received 1st place two consecutive years from Philadelphia Sketch Club’s Annual Illustrators Exhibition in the College Student Award category. She also received 1st place in the Sequential Illustration Exhibition. Anna was recognized on a National level, being awarded the opportunity to showcase her work at the Society of Illustrators’ Gallery in New York City. What helped Anna excel in her College career were the fundamentals of respect and compassion instilled in her by Saint Basil Academy. Her immersion of Art Culture at Saint Basil Academy helped her to advance her skillset as an artist. A tradition that Anna first discovered at Saint Basil Academy was decorating Pysanky eggs. This was demonstrated with Anna’s work, where she created a series of Ukrainian Folk Tale illustrations for her Senior thesis. Anna’s work is a reflection of herself; she has a style all her own and contributes very much to the Art community. She truly leaves things “better than she found them”, a motto Saint Basil Academy always abides by.