Jena M. Steinmetz

Class of 2005

Jena M. Steinmetz

Saint Basil Academy alum and Philadelphia native, Jena M. Steinmetz, shares the heroic and at times terrifying, tale of her grandfather, Robert J. Steinmetz Sr., during his service in WWII titled: Codename: Sob Story, The Tale of a Picket Line Sailor During WWII.

Codename: Sob Story is the true telling of how Steinmetz Sr. ‘Steiny,’ a 19-year old Philadelphia native, fought and survived aboard the USS Gear ARS 34. For close to 70 years, Steinmetz Sr. has never spoken about his time in the Pacific during WWII—not even to his wife or four children. The details of the three years he served in the United States Navy have been a mystery…until now.

“I’ve always had a very strong draw to stories that are based on fact. They fascinate me—particularly how the writer can take tiny facts from the person who actually lived it and recreate the entire memory for all to see or read, and I have one of the greatest stories never told right in the family. My grandfather was present for seven major invasions in the Pacific—including Iwo Jima and Okinawa—but he never stepped foot on their beaches. His story is slightly different than most WWII recollections because he never saw direct battle,” Jena Steinmetz says. “The biggest thing I want people to take away from my grandfather’s story is that war is not a decision to rush into; war never ends in the hearts of those who lived it. It sticks with you for life.”

Ms. Steinmetz received her high school diploma in 2005 from Saint Basil Academy and her BA in English/Creative Writing from DeSales University in the spring of 2009 with Cum Laude honors. This is the first book for Steinmetz, but she has had several articles published in Lehigh Valley’s The Morning Call and the Bucks County Herald. Steinmetz is 26 years old, the second of four girls, and currently lives and works in Philadelphia.