In Memoriam

Let us remember those who now rest in peace.

Eileen Remely(Buick), February 4, 2019
Class of 54

Frank Kurz, husband of Kathleen Kelly Kurz ’52,  passed on May 14, 2019.

Terri Rutledge Mooney, Class of 1969, passed 3/21/19

Mary McOscar Wheiler, Class of ’52. passed 1/2019.

George P. Kessler, father of Barbara Kessler (’76), passed 6/2018

Janet Kessler Aguilar, only sister of Barbara Kessler (’76), passed 4/2018

Richard Caputo (4/30/18), husband of Ann Clauss Caputo, class of 1970

Sister Kathleen Brabson, SSJ, Aunt of Kelli Lyons, ’09, Sister of Pat Brabson, SBA Development Office

Dr. Orest Rudyj, Father of Alexandia (Rudyj) Penkalskyj ’80, Olenka (Rudyj) Zajac Class of ’82. Anna Rudyj ’83, Irene Rudyj ’84, Grandfather of Vera Penkalskyj ’13, Marta Penkalskyj ’16

Francis J. Depman, Father of John Depman (Kathleen), Grandfather of Annalise Depman ’15, Sarah Depman ’19

Kimberly A. Mancini, wife of Basketball Coach Terry Mancini

Kathleen Bannon Pavlik, Class of ’75 and daughter of former employee Mary Ruth Bannon

Christopher D. Manning(11-23-13),son of
Theresa Bagnell Manning

Derek N. Manning(11-24-18),husband of
Theresa Bagnell Manning

Dolores Haviland, (11/14/18), mother of  Maureen Goldsmith (76), Terry Dillinger (77), Jean Barwis, Donna Williams (81), Suzanne Farragher (83), Maria Haviland (85),  Dr. Dolores Foley (87) and Tracey Lento (88)

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