In Memoriam

Let us remember those who now rest in peace.

Lorraine J. Lewis Bovenkamp (12/3/17), Class of 1950

John Cherniawsky,(4/30/17), father of Myroslawa Cherniawsky, 1966

Charlene McGuigan Coates (3/18/2017), Class of 1975

Cindy Williams(6/2/2016), mother of Haleigh Williams ’17

Catherine Sabia Redmond (11/3/07) ’56, sister of Julia Sabia Laurie ’51, mother of Kathleen Redmond Conroy ’77 & Lisa Redmond Gilsenan ’81, grandmother of Maura Gilsenan ’16 and Erin Gilsenan ’18

Jean(Gladd) Allain 4/19/17 1952

Mickey Perloff, 5/13/05 – father of Laura Perloff, ’03, and Tara Perloff, ’07

Alexis B. Hernández, (11/11/16), mother of Sr. Carla Hernández

Bernice (Ferguson) Vanderbeek, (11/5/2016) Class of ’57

Elizabeth “Betty” Ciosek Pasternak, (10/5/16) Class of ’75

Michael Starr (10/13/16) father of Helen, ’15

Charles Miller (10/27/14), father of Sue Miller ’79

Carol Miller Grochowski (06/29/94), mother of Sue Miller ’79

Charlene M. Nessler ’77 (7-10-2010)

Constance McGettigan (4-5-16), mother of Marianne McGettigan Walker ’72, Constance McGettigan Soulas ’77, Cathleen McGettigan McKenna ’77; grandmother of Mary Kay McGettigan ’97, Mimi Walker Szegda ’99, and Brigid Walker ’10.

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