In Memoriam

Let us remember those who now rest in peace.

Father of Mary Moczerniak Buresch, ’71

Donna Kaspruk Wontorsky, July 25, 2015, 1966. classmate & friend.

Adriana Catherine Bida, died April 26, 2012 in Montreal, PQ, Canada.

She graduated from SBA and was Valedictorian in 1998

James Carr (02-17-94), father of Kelly Carr ’86

Julia Carr (10-20-11), mother of Kelly Carr ’86

Christopher Muldoon, son of Regina (Jeannie) Brennan Muldoon, ’77.

Amira Román Gomes-Casseres, ’64 (8-12-09)

James Finnegan (7-10-15), Father of Casey Finnegan ’13.

Catherine Marek Rutolo ’78 (9-28-14) sister of Janice Marek Ricci ’75

Jeremy D Hall (2-12-15), Husband of Donna Dowling-Hall ’87

Hope C. Rowlings Tyler ’60 (6-9-15).

Barbara Arter ’77

Nancy Norkas (5-10-15), mother of the late Lisa Norkas Maguire ’77, Cheryl Norkas George ’79 and Pamela Norkas Figueroa (77 – 79)

Ron Miller (5-7-15), father of Nicole Miller’05 & Christina Miller

Marie Raabe ’56 (4-25-15)

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