Advanced Placement (AP) Language and Composition

Course EL54| Ms. Janet Iafrate

Juniors and Seniors (Elective - fulfills English Requirement) 1.0 Credit

The primary objective of this college-level course is to introduce students to language in order to expand their stylistic repertoire, to engage in becoming skilled readers of nonfiction prose and to develop skilled writers who compose for a variety of purposes. AP Language and Composition is a writing intensive course that pushes students to move beyond such programmatic responses as the five-paragraph essay, and instead place emphasis on purpose and audience. Students advance as nonfiction readers and writers through interpretation, class discussion, inquiry and written discourse of texts. Students are required to take the AP Exam in the spring.

Prerequisite: A- average in either Honors English II or Honors English III; PSAT Verbal Score in the top 25% of class; and results of English Performance Evaluation. Students will also complete a reading comprehension and analysis test.

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