Algebra I

Course MM14|

Selected Freshmen 1.0 Credit

Algebra forms the foundation for all high school mathematics courses. This course helps students to develop fluency with the language of mathematics by analyzing how to represent various relationships between two quantities. Students apply algebraic skills and concepts, critical thinking, and mathematical reasoning into their problem solving. Topics include the properties of algebra; solving equations; factoring, solving, and performing operations on polynomials; introduction to functions by graphing and writing equations of lines in a coordinate plane; interpreting and solving word problems; and solving systems of equations in one or more 2 variables. The application of skills in solving real-world problems in the pure and applied sciences is stressed in each of the major units of study. The use of graphing calculators to facilitate problem solving and deepen understanding is an integral part of the course of study. An introduction and on-going practice with data analysis is included in the scope of this course. A student will be placed in this course based on entrance test scores.

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