English I-9 Introduction to World Literature

Course EE10|

Selected Freshmen (Required) 1.0 credit

English I-9 provides an introductory course to teach students how to study, understand and reflect upon significant themes in the context of world history. A study of classical and modern selections of global literature develops the critical thinking and analytical skills needed to explore meaningful texts. The literature includes short stories, novels, poetry, drama, and non-fiction. Themes common to the human experience such as epic heroes, war and its aftermath, society and justice, and the meaning of life and death are investigated through a multi-cultural lens. In-depth review and development of the fundamentals of reading comprehension, grammar, vocabulary and writing, class study skills and learning strategies afford students additional ways in which to approach texts and to enhance academic skills. Also, a yearlong writing portfolio engages students in a creative and thoughtful application of their learning skills.

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