History in Film

Course HF52| Ms. Bridget Mahon

Juniors and Seniors (Elective) 0.5 Credit

History in Film is a semester long elective course offered to Juniors and Seniors. The course is designed to study World and United States History through film and movies. Students will be evaluating films focused on the following time periods: World War II, the Civil Rights Movement, the Cold War, and the Modern Age. Students will be challenged with assessing the accuracy of the information presented, the motivations of the filmmakers and supporters, and the effects of the films on the general public. To accomplish this, students will examine primary sources associated with the film and analyze the historical context of the relevant period. Through this course, students will gain a better understanding the social, political, economic, and religious aspects influencing these time periods in the World and in the United States. They will also be empowered to readily analyze the influences surrounding films, both past and present, through the processes they develop in this course. Certain films necessary to the content of the course are expected to contain adult language and situations. Permission forms will be utilized to ensure parental consent in support of the learning objectives.

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