Honors Algebra II

Course MH54| Mrs. Theresa Hartey

Sophomores 1.0 Credit

This course reviews the content and skills learned in Honors Algebra I. Students explore polynomial equations and functions, imaginary and complex numbers, radical expressions and equations, rational expressions and functions, the equations of conic sections from coordinate geometry, and an introduction to exponential and logarithmic functions. The application of skills in solving real-world problems in the pure and applied sciences is stressed in each of the major units of study. The use of graphing calculators to facilitate problem solving and deepen understanding is an integral part of the course of study. Review work for the PSAT and SAT is included in this course.

Prerequisite: Students must have completed Honors Algebra 1 with a final grade of B or higher or have an A- in Algebra I and obtain the approval of the math department.

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