Honors English I Introduction to World Literature

Course EH14| Ms. Janet Iafrate

Selected Freshmen (Required) 1.0 Credit

Honors English students study challenging and complex literature that reflects upon significant themes in the context of world history. A study of classical and modern selections of global literature develops critical thinking and analytical skills needed to explore meaningful texts. The literature includes short stories, novels, poetry, drama, and non-fiction and is covered at a faster pace with an added focus on the development of higher-level thinking skills. Themes common to the human experience such as epic heroes, war and its aftermath, society and justice, and the meaning of life and death are investigated through a multi-cultural lens. Skills stressed include critical analysis, close reading, analytical writing, and small group discussion. Vocabulary and grammar skills continue to be improved through informative, persuasive, and research-based writing assignments. In addition, students are expected to maintain a creative and thoughtful application of their learning skills through an on-going writing portfolio.

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