Honors English IV – Honors Role of Women in Literature

Course EH74| Ms. Gail Sutton

Seniors (Required) 1.0 Credit

Through the lenses of character, narrator, author and critic, the role of women in literature is varied and deep. This course introduces students to representative works of a more challenging and intensive nature from a variety of cultures, by and about women from historical, social, and literary perspectives, as it seeks to inform about gender identities. Students will track the development of gender roles and explore how society‚Äôs view of women, and women’s view of themselves, are reflected through stories and writing. Writing includes but is not limited to college essays, analytical essays, the formal research paper and expository short assignments. Continued development of vocabulary, grammar, speaking, and listening skills is enforced throughout the year through a combination of traditional and project-based assessments. Writing and speaking assignments are more extensive and numerous, while emphasizing complex thinking skills.

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