Honors English II-Honors Introduction to American Literature

Course EH34| Mrs. Christine Meko

Sophomores (Required) 1.0 Credit

Honors American Literature is differentiated from American Literature in scope and sequence. This course offers students a greater range and depth of American literature, and exposes students to more independent, novel-based reading. The course examines a thematic study of fiction and non-fiction literature as it relates to America’s development as a nation. By utilizing both excerpts from a textbook and novel-based reading, students will read and evaluate both major literary works and literary criticisms. Students are also exposed to SAT preparation, , reading comprehension strategies, and an extensive vocabulary enrichment program.

Prerequisite: B+ average in Honors English 1 or an A in English I; PSAT Verbal score in the top 50% of class; and results of English Performance Evaluation.

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