Honors Physics

Course SH74|

Juniors, Seniors (1.0 credit)

This rigorous course is designed to provide students with a solid introduction to general physics at an accelerated pace. The course focuses on Newtonian Mechanics.  The course is based on the Pennsylvania Academic Standards for Physics to help students better understand the fundamental science principles and theories of general physics. Emphasis is placed on concepts and mathematical analysis of concepts. Mathematical problem solving skills are necessary and weekly problem sets are assigned. Required math skills needed involve solving systems of equations, solving quadratic equations, and applying right triangle trigonometric ratios. A college physics textbook is used as the class textbook. Laboratory experiments are conducted using an inquiry-based approach and computer-based labs are conducted when appropriate.

Prerequisites: Seniors must have completed Chemistry with a B+ or Honors Chemistry with a B, Algebra II and Geometry with a B+ or Honors Algebra II and Honors Geometry with a B. Juniors must have completed Honors Biology with a B+, and Honors Algebra II with a B+. A strong background in Algebra and Geometry is necessary for the Honors-level course. Students are strongly encouraged to take Pre-Calculus concurrently with this course.

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