SAT/ACT Preparation

Course MA53| Mrs. Theresa Hartey

Juniors (Elective) 0.5 Credit

This course is designed to provide students with a superior understanding of a standardized test and how logical reasoning can be used in conjunction with content knowledge of verbal and mathematical content from standard coursework to increase test performance and achievement. The course prepares students for the critical reading, math and writing skills sections of the SAT/ACT. Students will become familiar with the actual format of the SAT/ACT as well as valuable test-taking tactics. Practice exercises focused on the commonly encountered problem types and practice problem sets will be used in classroom instruction. *This course may be taken only once.

Prerequisite: Students must have completed Algebra 1. Students will be required to bring either a TI-83/84 graphing calculator or a tablet with specific apps downloaded to class each day.

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