Theology IV

Course RSR4|

Seniors (Required) 1.0 credit

Hebrew Scriptures (First Semester)

This course invites students to partake in the great love story of God and His people – a God who revealed Himself to a people through His Word in history, on this earth. This course takes all the books of the Hebrew Scriptures in its study, with the primary emphasis being placed on understanding the meaning of the Scriptures within the context of their history, culture, and literary form, and experiencing God’s revelation as it is contained there. Students thus come to discover and experience a God who is utterly concrete and relational.

Love and Relationships (Second Semester)

With the background of relationship study given in the Hebrew Scriptures course, students recognize that the most basic of all human needs is that of loving relationships – with God, others, and all creation. The course will emphasize authentic love, self love, human love, and its connectedness to all of creation. Insights, skills, and techniques of communication will enable students to relate better to others in a Christian manner, thus contributing harmony in their lives and in this world, regardless of their choice of career or vocation.

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