Daria Knysz Fund

Daria Knysz Memoriam Fund

Daria Knysz was a loving wife to her husband Vladimir and a nurturing mother to their three children, Andrew, Tamara and Darian. At the age of 42, Daria suddenly died, leaving her family devastated.  Although her life was cut short, her memory continues to live on in the hearts of her children.

Daria attended Saint Basil Academy from 1960 to 1964. Like so many young girls, Daria was shy and didn’t have a strong sense of self. As a mother however, she raised her daughter, Tamara to become self-assured and independent.  Today Tamara is a successful Wall Street Executive and Author who coaches women on how to succeed in business.

Tamara attributes her own success to the confidence instilled in her by her mother Daria.  She has come to understand how crucial it is to support young women as they strive to fulfill their dreams. She also places a great deal of value on the relationship between a mother and her daughter and knows the bond they share can be very special.

Tamara treasures the memories of her lost mother and urges all young girls to appreciate what they have. In deep regard of her beliefs, Tamara is partnering with Saint Basil Academy to start the My Mother Scholarship Fund, In Memoriam of her cherished mother Daria Knysz.

Contributions to this fund will provide students with a grant that offers financial assistance to families in need, so that all young women have the opportunity to become confident leaders like Daria and Tamara. Information on how to apply for this grant will be available through the Admissions Department later in the year.

To contribute to the Daria Knysz Memoriam Fund, please fill out the form below. Thank you for your support of Saint Basil Academy’s mission.

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