Mrs. Kimberley Clearkin

     In May of 2005, Kim drove away from Saint Basil Academy as a student for the last time.  Little did she know she would be back hoping to get students to #thinklikeascientist and eventually taking on the position of the Director of Admissions.  In her absence from the academy, Kim graduated from both the University of Delaware (cum laude B.S. Exercise Physiology Minor Biology) and Saint Joseph’s University (M.S. Secondary Education).  Her educational experiences helped shape her into the person that she is today.  However, Saint Basil Academy is, without a doubt, the place where she started to find myself and became comfortable being “me”.
     As the Director of Admissions, Kim loves sharing personal experiences with prospective students and the idea of being accepted resonates everywhere.  Her argument becomes even more compelling when she can also share that current students undergo the same transformation.  Saint Basil Academy is the place where you can be yourself, quirks and all.  That sense of family, of comfortability, only augments the academic atmosphere.
Kim has been a part of many different groups of stakeholders (i.e. former student, teacher, coach, etc.).  This school is one of a kind and she could not be more proud to work alongside our faculty and staff.  The teachers here are beyond dedicated.  They approach academic excellence with a nurturing heart and look to create engaged, independent thinkers open to diverse perspectives.
     People always ask Kim, “Do you miss teaching?”  The answer will always be a resounding “Yes!”  She misses the classroom atmosphere, nerding out in AP Bio, and engaging with students on a daily basis.  But by taking on the Director of Admissions role, she can brag about our amazing students and the awesome people with whom she works.  They give her more than enough material every day.  They believe in the work being done and show prospective students that Saint Basil Academy is where they belong.