Ms. Emily Domineske


After receiving my Bachelor’s Degree in English from Saint Joseph’s University, I entered the business world, managing high-end fine dining restaurants in Philadelphia, and working for two celebrity chefs. Although my time in the hospitality industry was fast-paced and exciting, I always felt compelled by my love of literature to return to academia, and, perhaps more importantly, inspired and driven to educate and empower the next generation of young women to have their voices and stories heard. After returning to my alma mater, Saint Joseph’s University, for graduate school in Secondary Education, I was thrilled to join the incredible community at Saint Basil Academy as a member of the English department in 2013.

As an English teacher here at Saint Basil Academy, I strive to impart on my students the same sense of wonder and excitement that I feel when cracking open the spine of a new book and entering into an entirely uncharted universe. From classic novels like Pride and Prejudice, emotional and psychological examinations of humanity in Hamlet, or contemporary poetry from Taylor Mali and Billy Collins, my favorite thing about the written and spoken word is the ability to share and understand the human experience through literature.