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The COVID-19 Protocols for School Reopening document outlines the key components of the Saint Basil Academy plan to reopen our school building in August 2020.  The plans follow school operational guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE), the Policy Lab for School Reopenings from Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, and also include protocols being used in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia schools.
Other important documents for you to review include:
The start of the fall season, including tryouts, HAS BEEN POSTPONED until September 21, allowing for an additional week to put all athletic COVID-19 protocols in place. Athletes must have a completed medical physical and hand in their PIAA form on the first day of tryouts. NO EXCEPTIONS. Sports fees should be paid online prior to September 21.
Athletic directors from the Catholic Academy League, along with PIAA guidelines, have jointly decided that the league:
  • Will play ONLY league games; there will be no scrimmages or non-league games played.
  • League games will begin the week of October 12th EXCEPT for tennis (September 28th).
  • Bussing will be provided to and from games, with strict mask-wearing protocols to be observed by athletes. With school permission, students may be permitted to drive themselves or have parents drive to and from games.
  • Athletes will be expected to attend practices on THE DAYS THAT THEY ARE IN SCHOOL. They will not be penalized for not being able to attend practices on days that they are working virtually from home if they are unable to transport themselves back to school.
  • There will be NO snack bars, food or drinks to be made available at any games or practices. Athletes must bring their own drinks.


  • Freshmen orientation (Class of 2024 ONLY) – Thursday, Sept. 3, 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM
  • Grades 9-10 ONLY – Tuesday, September 8 AND Thursday, September 10; school doors will be open at 7:00 AM; classes begin at 8:00 AM; dismissal is 2:55 PM
  • Grades 11-12 ONLY – Wednesday, September 9 AND Friday, September 11; school doors will be open at 7:00 AM; classes begin at 8:00 AM; dismissal is 2:55 PM
Week of September 14
  • Monday, Sept. 14 AND Wednesday, Sept. 16 – 9-10th grades ONLY
  • Tuesday, Sept. 15 AND Thursday, Sept. 17 – 11-12th grades ONLY
  • Friday, Sept. 18 – 9-10th grades



Q: Are students required to wear masks?

A: Students will be required to wear a face-covering at all times while in the building. Students may only remove their face coverings if they are outdoors and able to maintain a distance of six feet or while eating or drinking when spaced at least six feet apart. Face masks are mandatory at all times for students, faculty, staff, and visitors.


Q: What does a hybrid model mean?

A: Staggered attendance in the building – 9-10th grade students will attend on Monday and Wednesday, 11-and 12th grade students on Tuesday and Thursday, alternating every other Friday between the two groups.


Q: What will my daughter experience each morning? 

A: The school building will open at 7:00 AM for students to enter. All students will enter the building through the gym entrances. Upon entering the building, all students will have mandatory temperature checks and be required to answer COVID-19 screening questions. Students will remain in the gym until 7:40 AM where they will be dismissed to lockers and to 1st-period classes. The gym is the ONLY area available to students in the morning.


Q: What if my daughter shows symptoms at school? 

A: A student will be immediately isolated with the nurse if upon arrival or during the school day, she demonstrates any of the following symptoms. It will be required that she be picked up by a parent WITHIN ONE HOUR.

  • ONE of the following symptoms: fever of 100.4 or higher, cough, shortness of breath, or difficulty breathing
  • Or TWO of the following symptoms: chills, fatigue, muscle pain, headache, sore throat, congestion, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, or new loss of taste or smell, All families will be required to provide an emergency pick up plan for their daughter if she should become ill. A form will be provided for all families and must be returned before the start of school.

It is critical in preventing the spread of COVID-19 that students who are not feeling well stay home from school.

Q: Will students have face-to-face, synchronous learning with teachers on days that they are “off”/not in the building?
No. Students will have assigned work for their classes given by the teachers for days that they are not in the school building. On the off days, teachers are teaching other grade levels and students who are in the building on that day. The Academy does not have enough teachers to allow for teaching on all days of the week to all students while we are in a hybrid learning model.
Teachers will be accessible to all students whether in school or virtual using our Microsoft Teams platform. Teams’ capabilities include the opportunity to chat or meet virtually with teachers about academic questions.
Q: Will students have virtual access to classroom teaching while at home on “off” days?
No. The Academy currently does not have the technology to provide virtual streaming of teaching from the classroom. On days that students are not in the building, teachers will be teaching another group of students in different grades/classes.
Teachers will be accessible to all students whether in school or virtual using our Microsoft Teams platform. Teams’ capabilities include the opportunity to chat or meet virtually with teachers about academic questions.
Q: Will there be a reduction in tuition since we are using a hybrid model and students will not be in the school building every day?
The Academy already currently uses a reduced tuition model for families to be able to afford to attend. Even with hybrid learning, the areas that incur the greatest cost are in teacher salaries and in financial aid/scholarships, both of which must be supplemented by tuition. In addition, the mandates that COVID-19 has put on schools also require incurring additional costs for PPE supplies, including sanitizing sprays, professional cleaning services, updates in signage, and installation of plexiglass. Federal and state funding has provided some relief to COVID-19 costs being incurred but does not cover all expenses needed to make the face-to-face learning environment as safe as possible. The school building will remain open even if the school decides on all virtual learning. Many teachers will be in the building and in their classrooms to provide online learning even if we go virtual. Therefore, building expenses will continue to incur.
Student fees, including technology fees, continue to provide necessary updates to hardware and software, faculty training in online learning, and fees for online grade access, Naviance, etc. State money is used to cover the costs of many of our textbooks but does not cover all costs for printed or electronic versions of books needed by students.
Seniors incur an additional $500 fee for the year. This fee covers all senior-specific costs, including transcript processing, graduation (gowns, flowers, video, etc.), and the 3-day senior retreat, Koinonia. If ANY changes need to be made to the senior retreat in the spring, a portion of the senior fee will be reimbursed to families.
Athletic fees will ONLY be collected if the sports’ season is occurring. If ANY changes are made to the current fall sports’ season (or to any season this year), athletic fees will be reimbursed to any family who has already paid. Athletic fees cover the costs for event transportation, referee fees, event attendance fees, and maintenance of sports’ equipment and uniforms.

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