Welcome Parents

At Saint Basil Academy, we strive to educate “the whole person”. This not only emphasizes a young woman’s academic studies, but her involvement in clubs and activities as well. There are a multitude of organizations she can join to spark her passions. These activities will not only increase her knowledge of a subject, but will enhance her confidence as well and give her a feeling of empowerment. By engaging herself in activities that she is passionate about, she will be able to enlighten others with her natural and acquired talents. Whether she is interested in contributing to Yearbook Committee, experimenting with Science Club, showcasing her abilities on stage in Drama Club, or whipping up delicious treats in Pastry Arts Club, your girl will have so much to offer in all the clubs she partakes in.

Welcome Students

As a Basil Girl, you will be immersed in all aspects of the curriculum. Academics is just part of the Basilian experience. Being involved in clubs and activities that you are passionate about is just as important! Take pride in your abilities in academic clubs such as Math Club, Forensics Club, and Book Club that will educate you and increase your prior knowledge. Feel empowered by picking up an instrument, joining Choir or participating in Student Council. Enlighten the Basil community with clubs like Be The Change!, SBA Cares, and Youth Ministry. Ignite your passions – join activities that bring you enjoyment and boost your confidence!

We believe in fostering an appreciation for the richness and diversity of the Catholic Church through liturgical celebration and studies of the Byzantine Church.