Counseling Services


The mission of the SBA Counseling Services Department is to support every student’s personal/social, academic, and career and college development needs through a comprehensive school counseling program designed to maximize student success. Our main goal is to facilitate a support system that promotes college and career readiness for each student so she is able to grow and contribute as a productive member of a global society and to support our students in their academic pursuits to ensure each student achieves her full potential.


Our comprehensive school counseling program includes:

1) Guidance curriculum at each grade level delivered in a large group setting.
2) Individual student planning and advising for both academic and college and career needs.
3) Responsive services and counseling, both on an individual and/or group basis.
4) School-wide and grade level events designed to support social/emotional, academic, and college and career needs.

Referrals will be made to an outside agency if a student’s issue is beyond the scope of the Counseling Services Department.

Students may be referred to the Counseling Services Department by students, parents, faculty, or administration, and are welcome to visit their counselor at any time. Communications between school counselors and students are confidential, with the following exceptions as required by law and ethical standards: 1) Student is at risk of harming herself or others; 2) Sexual assault, abuse or neglect; and 3) Upon court subpoena.

Additional Student Resources

MCIU Support:

Services through the Montgomery County Intermediate Unit (MCIU) are available for those students who qualify for additional support in reading and/or math, as well as individual and/or group counseling:

Reading Support: Lori Craven is our reading specialist at SBA once a week to help students with reading comprehension, study skills, time management, organizational skills, and/or test preparation.

Math Support: Jeremy Lambert is our math specialist, here once a week to help students with math skills and test taking.

Counseling Support: Ms. Amy Winheld is available once a week for individual or group counseling.

A school psychologist will be conducting any psychoeducational assessments that may be necessary.

Please contact your daughter’s school counselor if you have questions about these services.

Peer Tutoring

At student or parent request, or at the suggestion of a student’s teacher, a peer tutor may be assigned to help a student in one or more subjects where assistance is needed. Peer tutoring will be facilitated through the National Honor Society.

PSAT/PreACT Administration

To prepare students for college readiness and to take college entrance exams, the Counseling Services Department administers the PSAT 8/9 to freshman, the PSAT 10 and PreACT to sophomores, and the PSAT/NMSQE for juniors. Students are encouraged to review results with their counselors to help them identify areas of concern and develop a plan for improving skills.


The SOS Team is an interdisciplinary group of trained staff members who use a systematic process to identify and address barriers impeding a student’s learning and well-being. The student and parents are also collaborative members of the team. Members of the SOS Team work together to support the needs of identified students. The SOS Team is also instrumental in the transition process when a student is returning to school after a significant absence.


SBA Counseling Department

Rose Violi
Counseling Services Assistant
215-885-3771 x132
Lianna Meskun
School Counselor
Grades 9 -11
215-885-3771 x115
Linda T. Smith
Director, Counseling Services
Grades 9-12
215-885-3771  x133

We believe in providing students with opportunities to develop critical thinking and independence of thought.