Kairos retreats began centuries ago, and are based on the spiritual exercises of Saint Ignatius of Loyola. In March 2001, SBA had its first Kairos retreat with 60 seniors and six adults participating. These four-day Kairos retreats offer high school seniors the opportunity to be away from the distractions and normal routines of ordinary life and to explore their sense of connection to God, family and friends.

Over four days and three nights, leaders present talks on living a Christian life and on discovering one’s spiritual self. Seniors, student leaders, and faculty members spend time listening, writing in journals, and discussing in small groups. They learn to gain trust as they communicate with one another. Centered around prayer and reflection, Kairos, meaning “a time with God,” offers students ways to talk and discover God in a personal way.

Malvern Retreat House, St. Joseph’s-in-the-Hills
Malvern, Pennsylvania

Kairos Dates for 2017-2018:
November 7-10, 2017
March 13-16, 2018


We believe in challenging students to form personal moral values based on Christian teaching, thus deepening the students’ understanding of Christ and their call to faith in Him.