The SOS Team is an interdisciplinary group of trained staff members who use a systematic process to identify and address barriers impeding a student’s learning and well-being. The student and parents are also collaborative members of the team. Members of the SOS Team work together to support the needs of identified students. The SOS Team is also instrumental in the transition process when a student is returning to school after a significant absence.

How is a student referred?

The team accepts referrals from SOS Team members, administrators, teachers, parents, peers, and students may refer themselves.
*Not all referrals made will necessitate SOS intervention.

What process takes place when a student is referred to the SOS Team?

The SOS Team…

  • Gathers information from everyone who has contact with the student (i.e. teachers, coaches, school nurse, and counselors) and meets with parents and the student
  • Analyzes data in order to determine student’s needs and develop an educational plan
  • May assist parents and student in identifying other resources and services within their community when a barrier is beyond the scope of the school
  • Follow-up and support
  • Continuous monitoring

What might prompt a student referral?

Observing a significant and recurring pattern of change in…

  • Grades
  • Appearance
  • Behavior
  • Sleep habits
  • Mood
  • Motivation
  • Attitude
  • School attendance
  • Peer groups
  • Energy level
  • Drug/alcohol use

If you are wondering whether you should make a referral, please consult with any member of the SOS Team. We are all in this together!

The SOS Team:

Mrs. Jackie Kazimir

Mrs. Karen Metro
School Nurse

Mrs. Linda Smith
Director of Counseling Services

Ms. Amy Winheld
Counselor, MCIU

To refer a student:

Teacher Referral: Complete a student referral form and turn in to Linda Smith in the Counseling Services Department. Forms can be found in the faculty mailroom.

Peer/Parent/Self Referral: Fill out an online referral form located on the sidebar and submit.

Please direct questions and/or concerns to Linda Smith, 215-780-1131,

You may also fill out an online referral form and submit to or turn in to Mrs.Smith in the Counseling Services Department.

We, the Saint Basil Academy community, commit ourselves to the education and development of the whole person emotionally, intellectually, physically, spiritually, and socially.